Corporate Services

Corporate Services

When you use CWT, in addition to a higher level of assistance in planning your corporate travel on the ground, you also benefit from a higher level of support for your corporate travellers when they are in the air and overseas. Happy travellers make for successful business travel, which is why CWT goes the extra mile to make sure that all our business travellers have access to a full network of support and extra services.

CWT provides the following services for corporate travellers:

  • Worldwide airline, hotel, car and rail reservations: CWT is a full-service travel agency, with an extensive network of industry contacts. By air or by ground you can rely on CWT to get you anywhere you need to go worldwide.

  • Ticket revisions, exchanges and refunds: All changes to tickets and scheduling can be handled on your behalf by CWT.

  • Advance Seat Selection: Whenever possible, seats are reserved according to the preferences identified in your traveller profile. If the requested seat is not available, the best available seat will then be assigned.

  • Ticket Tracking: CWT will keep track of all unused or returned air tickets for future use. Effective tracking of unused tickets can save your company between 30-85% of the cost of a ticket when rebooked within 1 year.

  • Flight Passes: CWT specializes in Airline Flight Passes. We will analyze your company’s past travel history in order to determine opportunities for cost savings through the use of these passes. Air Canada and Porter Airlines are two carriers that are currently offering flight travel passes to consumers. Savings up to 60% can be achieved through effective Flight Pass management.

  • Frequent flyer reward program coordination: The coordination of your frequent flyer programs can be handled on your behalf by CWT.

  • Account management: Each corporate travel account is closely followed by a team of account managers, consisting of a lead agent and a support agent. Each primary team operates with the full support of all the other corporate agents at CWT.

  • Travel policy consultation: CWT works with your organization to develop and apply a corporate travel policy that will meet your objectives while respecting your corporate culture.

  • Consolidation of travel volume: Regain control over your travel spending by booking the total volume of your air, rail, car and hotel travel through one source. Limiting the number of suppliers you use will give you greater control, and allow for increased savings.

  • Standardization of the procurement process: The travel purchasing process can often be lengthy and unsystematic. CWT will standardize your purchasing process, ensuring that reserving corporate travel is always simple and efficient.

  • Negotiation of preferred vendor agreements: CWT will develop a hotel and car program on behalf of your company with preferred rates in your key cities.

  • Sophisticated reporting database: Travel management reports will be presented regularly by your account manager. The reports you receive will be specifically tailored to the needs of your organization, and will allow you to control costs more effectively.

  • Monitoring customized monthly reports: By monitoring and analyzing your corporate travel reports, your account manager will be able to identify problem areas, and help you create better budgets and reduce unnecessary travel-related expenses.

  • Quarterly objective and result reviews: Your account management team will coordinate full reviews with your various department managers on a quarterly basis. The purpose of these reviews is to provide an overview of your company's travel patterns and identify potential for change.

  • Your Travel Profile: We create your profile (stored in a confidential database) so that your travel preferences are always taken into account and met. This also allows for quick and efficient reservation process.

  • Travel credit card program implementation: Establishing a single corporate card for travel can help you easily collect data on where your travel dollars are being spent, as well as save you time on expense reporting.

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